About the Classes


The robotics course is a hands-on learning experience where you will program an actual robotic sphere to follow commands and perform actions just for you! You will learn about computer hardware and software, block coding, and eventually learn to code in JavaScript, one of the most popular coding languages in the world!

Physics-simulating software


A broad overview of Physics as a subject, relating it to modern applications like robotics and other emerging technologies.

Theatre Performance

The Theatre Performance class will focus on self-empowerment to create connections and make choices by learning about communication, relationship-building, and storytelling through performance!

College Readiness

Get ready to explore life beyond high school while also learning more about yourself along the way. Learn more about campus resources, majors and careers, getting involved in college, and important skills to gain. Feel more confident in the college admissions process, navigating scholarships, and preparing yourself for your future career. Enjoy guest speakers, discussions, and learning check-ins as well as a chance to showcase your creativity!

ACT Prep

Make use of official ACT preparation lessons and materials to become an ACT-taking champ!