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Advisor Appointments

TRIO’s advisors are ready and willing to meet with you for a variety of reasons; planning your semester, help with academics, financial needs, or if you simply need someone to talk to for support. If you need to meet with your TRiO advisor, feel free to schedule an appointment by calling 836-6220.

Prepare For Your Appointment

So that your advising appointment will be beneficial, you need to come to your meeting prepared.  Here is what you should do prior to your advising appointment:

  • Review your Missouri State University Catalog, class schedule book, and any other academic records you have. Bring them with you to your appointment.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your advisor. Think about concerns you would like to discuss with your advisor during your meeting.
  • If you are planning to schedule that day, make a tentative list of class choices before seeing your advisor. Be sure to include alternative selections. Check the Missouri State University web page to make sure those class sections are still open. You can then print out a Trial Schedule to make sure there are no time conflicts.  
  • Check prerequisites on the courses you are considering making sure you can take them.
  • Relax! Your advisor is here to help you, not scare you. They only want to be a support.


Still confused about meeting with your advisor? The following are some commonly asked questions about academic advising and registration at MSU. Reading the information in this list should not replace meeting with your advisor!

Are all MSU students required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration each semester?

All Freshmen, Sophomores and Graduate Students at MSU are required to meet with their advisor and obtain a signature on their registration request before registering for classes.Students who have between 61-125 hours are not required to get their advisors signature to register, however we always recommend checking your schedule with your advisor before registering. 

We strongly urge TRIO students to meet with their department advisor every semester. 

Is meeting with your advisor more than once a semester inappropriate?

Of course not! You should see your academic advisor any time you have a question, need to add or drop a class, or just need to bounce an idea off someone. Your advisor should be a resource for you. If you establish a strong working relationship with your advisor, that person may also act as a reference for you in the future when you are applying for jobs, a scholarship, or graduate school.

Since my Advisor keeps track of all requirements at MSU, do I need to keep up on changes in my major or General Education Requirements as well?

As a student, you have the responsibility to be informed regarding any changes in your major, minor or general education requirements. You and your advisor work as a TEAM, and you should never turn over your entire fate as a student at MSU to someone else.

When do I register, where do I register, and how do I get the best possible class selection?

There is a strict sequence for class registration at MSU based on the number of hours you have completed (not including hours currently enrolled in) and the last two digits of your social security number. If you are unsure about when to register for your classes, you can check the Registration Sequence on the web.

TRIO students can register in the TRIO office by making an appointment on the date and time you can register. DO NOT make your appointment to register earlier than your actual sequence date. We are unable to register you until the date and time allowed by the computer system. 

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